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Do You Have A Junk Removal Project We Can Help With?

Full Service Junk Removal Naples Florida


Naples Junk Removal Experts – Ready to assist our Marco Island FL and Naples, FL residents and businesses personalized, in-home and large commercial jobs.


Disposal of commercial packing, shipping waste, remodel construction and debris and other unwanted items.

Large Jobs

In need of a company capable of clearing a large business? Whether you’ve just received a large shipment and need waste disposal or clearing a building, we’re here to help.


Buying or selling a home and need your property clean? Spring cleaning? Home project? We are here to help with all projects!

Personal Solutions

From estate clearing, to clearing out a garage that has been filled with junk throughout the years.  We provide easy, simple solutions and a seamless process.


As junk specialists, we understand the importance of properly recycling materials whenever possible.


With sustainability in mind, we repurpose or recycle any materials that qualify whenever possible.



Have a gently used piece of furniture? Is an appliance being replaced before its time is up? We're here to help.

It Feels Good to Give

Donations can be accepted and dropped off under certain conditions. We believe in extending the life of gently used items and furniture whenever possible.

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What is “Junk Removal”?

Junk Removal can be a daunting task, often postponed and procrastinated because of course, nobody enjoys it.  We handle everything from beginning to end of every project at your home or business to help you focus on what matters in life.

Furniture Pickup Junk Removal for Marco Island and Naples
  • Kitchen Chairs Removal and Disposal

  • Kitchen Tables Removal and Disposal

  • Sofa Removal and Disposal

  • Bedroom Set Removal and Disposal

  • Old Mattress Removal and Disposal

  • Exercise Equipment Removal and Disposal

  • Office Furniture Removal and Disposal

  • Vanity Removal and Disposal

  • Personal/Gun Safes (Emptied) Removal and Disposal

  • Entire Dining Room Removal


Removal and Disposal

Junk Appliance Pickup and Removal Service in Naples Florida
  • Air Conditioner Removal and Disposal

  • Hot Water Heater Removal and Disposal

  • Stoves and Ovens Removal and Disposal

  • Refrigerator Removal and Disposal

  • Washer Removal and Disposal

  • Dryer Removal and Disposal

  • Lawn Mower Removal and Disposal

  • Television Removal and Disposal

  • Pool/Spa Heater Removal and Disposal

  • Dishwasher Removal and Disposal

  • Hot Tub Removal

Remodel Construction and Debris Waste in Naples Florida Removal
  • Flooring Removal and Disposal

  • Roofing Disposal

  • Asphalt Disposal

  • Cardboard and Packing Material Disposal

  • Concrete Disposal

  • Drywall Disposal

  • Glass Disposal

  • Plastic Removal and Disposal

  • Siding Disposal

  • Carpet Removal and Disposal

  • Debris Removal


Recycling and Disposal

Electronics Disposal Junk Removal in Naples FL
  • Old TV Removal and Disposal

  • Computer Removal and Disposal

  • Monitor Removal and Disposal

  • Printer Removal and Disposal

  • Arcade Game Removal and Disposal

  • Sound System Removal and Disposal

Our Core Values

Junk Removal and Hauling may Seem Like a Simple Line of Work, but Like Any Business, it’s Only as Good as the People Representing it.  We Recognize the Value in Respecting Peoples Time, Truth in Pricing, and Overall Communication. While These Core Values are Expected and Fundamental, We Believe That as Simple as They Are, We Can Provide an Exceptional, Unmatched Experience for Our Clients.

Our Happy Clients

“After calling multiple companies that either did not answer or return my call I found these guys.  I spoke with Greg on the phone and he arranged to come out same day to look at my parents condo.  These guys were not only the only junk removal company in naples that answered the phone, they gave us a price that was better than we expected to remove the junk left behind by previous tenants at our family condo.  Would recommend.”


“We needed assistance with junk removal/ hauling in Naples…These guys had the job done before any other company returned my call….they were very professional, courteous and personable…..and the price was right! Thanks guys….you saved my back!”


Frequently Asked Questions

While Junk Removal may seem like simple work can sometimes have some added precautions and considerations.

What is Junk?2019-12-04T19:52:43+00:00

Junk can be any item you would like removed from your house or property.  We not only remove items, but we can do entire rooms or homes.

Can You Move or Deliver Special Items?2019-12-04T20:08:13+00:00

We are happy to relocate items to another part of your home or deliver them to a friend or family members home if you should choose.

Will You Remove a Safe?2019-12-04T20:16:58+00:00

We will absolutely remove safes from your home.  Due to the size and location possibilities of some safes, these jobs are quoted on a case by case basis.  We do require that safes have been opened and emptied before removal.

Can You Remove Junk If I Am Not Home?2019-12-04T20:31:59+00:00

We are happy to remove any junk from the property as long as we have access.  Payments can be made over the phone if needed.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?2019-12-04T20:25:06+00:00

We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.  Invoicing is available for routinely scheduled jobs.

Will Your Employees Be In Uniform?2019-12-04T20:09:49+00:00

Yes!  All staff will be dressed in official BirdNest uniforms.

Do You Have Trucks That Can Navigate Tight Spaces?2020-02-03T15:00:35+00:00

We have multiple vehicles and options that can be utilized to meet the specific needs of a community or homes limitations.

How Do You Determine Cost?2019-12-04T19:52:26+00:00

Multiple factors contribute to the pricing of a junk removal project.  The primary considerations are accessibility, the volume of space that will be taken up on a truck, the type of material being disposed of.

Do I Need to Prepare My Junk In Any Way?2019-12-04T20:30:04+00:00

For demo/construction related junk removal, this is handled on a case by case basis.  For standard junk removal and cleanup, Collier Junk Removal will happily prepare and remove all junk as needed.

Do You Perform Background Checks?2019-12-04T20:21:25+00:00

Of course!  Rest assured that our staff has had an extensive background check and has been trained extensively customer service and appreciation.

Will There Be a Mess Left Behind?2019-12-04T20:13:39+00:00

Not only will we ensure that we have cleaned all areas of junk removal debris/trash, but our employees will enter the home with gloves and disposable shoe covers to protect your floors.

Do I Need To Do Any Lifting Myself?2019-12-04T20:33:03+00:00

Absolutely not!  Our team will work with you to identify what should be taken away, package or box as necessary, and load our truck.  Relax and enjoy the simplicity.

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