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Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?


We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.  Invoicing is available for routinely scheduled jobs.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?2023-04-11T16:03:31+00:00

Will Your Employees Be In Uniform?


Yes!  All staff will be dressed in official BirdNest Group uniforms.

Will Your Employees Be In Uniform?2023-02-16T19:03:08+00:00

Do You Have Trucks That Can Navigate Tight Spaces?


We have multiple vehicles and options that can be utilized to meet the specific needs of a community or homes limitations.  Because we do not operate trucks with trailers as a standard, our vehicles can navigate just about anywhere they need to be.

Do You Have Trucks That Can Navigate Tight Spaces?2023-02-17T15:58:25+00:00

How Do You Determine Cost?


Multiple factors contribute to the pricing of a junk removal project.  The primary considerations are accessibility, the volume of space that will be taken up on a truck, the type of material being disposed of.  Generally speaking, the amount of space used to fill our truck is the most important factor.

How Do You Determine Cost?2023-02-16T18:57:30+00:00