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Can You Remove Junk If I Am Not Home?


We are happy to remove any junk from the property as long as we have access.  Communication, photo documentation while we are on site, and recorded approvals are part of our customer assurance process.  Payments can be made over the phone if needed.

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Will You Remove a Safe?


We will absolutely remove safes from your home.  Due to the size and location possibilities of some safes, these jobs are quoted on a case by case basis.  We do require that safes have been opened and emptied before removal.

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Can You Move or Deliver Special Items?


Unfortunately Naples Junk Removal is not licensed or insured for transportation of or moving of personal items or items of value.  While we're happy to donate things as it is an option, we do not have the moving and packing materials that might be necessary to safely move items from one location to the

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What is Junk?


Junk can be any item you would like removed from your house or property.  We not only remove items, but we can do entire rooms or homes.

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