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Do I Need to Prepare My Junk In Any Way?


For demo/construction related junk removal, this is handled on a case by case basis.  For standard junk removal and cleanup, Naples Junk Removal will happily prepare and remove all junk as needed.  There is no need to prepare for our arrival other than having a clear idea of what it is you'd like to

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Do You Perform Background Checks?


Of course!  Rest assured that our staff has had an extensive background check and has been trained extensively customer service and appreciation.

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Will There Be a Mess Left Behind?


Not only will we ensure that we have cleaned all areas of junk removal debris/trash, but our employees will enter the home with gloves and disposable shoe covers to protect your floors.

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Do I Need To Do Any Lifting Myself?


Absolutely not!  Our team will work with you to identify what should be taken away, package or box as necessary, and load our truck.  Relax and enjoy the simplicity and concierge service provided by Naples Junk Removal.

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